Roger Ebert on Oprah

Watching Roger Ebert on Oprah. He had thyroid cancer 8 years ago and lost most of his neck and jaw to save his life. He can’t speak, eat or drink. His appearance has not been repaired, but his neck and what remains of his lower jaw remain covered. Yet there he sat, celebrating life. Via computer, he said that his life is happy and productive. He emphasized the importance of finding peace and getting on with life. How inspiring! Why does suffering teach life lessons in a way that pleasure and joy cannot. This comes on a day, I’ll admit feeling a bit sorry for myself. Not anymore.

Hello world!

Ever fell down a flight of stairs, or been in a car accident and figured that you would hurt for a bit, and then get up one day as good as new? I am on a journey towards becoming, if not as good as new, then better than… With commitment to doing everything I can to make me feel better. In the days to come, I want to tell you about my experiences with Lawyers, Pilates, Alternative Chiropractic Care, acupuncture, etc.